Cookie swaps are a timeless tradition associated with the winter holiday season. The theory behind holiday cookie swaps is that each person bakes one type of cookie to bring to the gathering, and everyone goes home with an assortment of cookies to enjoy all winter long. If you’re interested in hosting your own festive swap… Continue Reading

Overview Matcha is a special form of green tea where premium green tea leaves are stone-ground into a fine powder. Traditionally used in Japanese Tea Ceremonies, matcha tea has seen a recent growth in popularity due to its health benefits, distinct taste and versatility in healthy recipes. History Matcha tea has a long history that… Continue Reading

Try a new twist on traditional peppermint bark– premium matcha and peppermint make a winning combination in this holiday confection. A wonderful gift for the season!   Ingredients 1 lb. white chocolate (either morsels or finely chopped from block) Crushed candy canes (four to five)* 1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract 3 Tablespoons premium Matcha Powder How… Continue Reading

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