Our People


We believe that happy and healthy Ministers — also known as our employees — create a healthy business. By offering a number of unique benefits, The Republic of Tea brings harmony to the workplace.

Healthy Minister Program
Ministers have access to an on-site nutritionist, receive a complimentary pair of athletic shoes yearly, participate in fun, energetic activities, have access to health screenings, healthy snacks and receive reimbursement for wellness programs of their choice, such as gym memberships and yoga classes.

Trips to Origin
Once a year, The Republic of Tea invites a group of Ministers to travel for a week to a country where our premium teas and herbs are grown. In the past, Ministers have journeyed to Sri Lanka, India, Japan, China, Taiwan and South Africa. This is a truly enriching and unforgettable experience for our Ministers and our hosts.

Make a Difference Days
The Republic of Tea believes in making a difference within the community and compensates its Ministers while serving. Ministers are encouraged to spend time volunteering and supporting non-profit organizations of their choice, bringing Ta Shun to their local communities.

The Republic of Tea cares about its Ministers and their families. In addition to our company’s rich health benefits package, Ministers with children receive a $2,000/year reimbursement to support their childcare expenses.

Best Places to Work
The Republic of Tea has been voted by our Ministers and awarded by the North Bay Business Journal as one of the “Best Places to Work” for several consecutive years.