3 Ways to Give the Gift of Tea

There’s nothing cozier than sipping a hot mug of tea on a chilly winter’s day, while snuggled up by the fire with your loved ones. Add in a few twinkling lights, colorful decorations and festive carols, and you’ve got the perfect holiday celebration. Not only is hot tea wonderful for sipping during the holiday season, but it also makes for a thoughtful and creative gift. This year, give your friends and family members the gift of tea with these inspiring ideas.

1. Season’s Greetings

Send your well wishes and season’s greetings to your loved ones near and far with handmade tea greeting cards. Start with an individually packaged tea bag (buy in bulk with our mix-and-match 24-count custom tea bag set) and carefully stuff it inside a decorative and festive tea bag-sized envelope.

To make the tea bag envelope, either find a printable template online (there are plenty to choose from), or make your own from scratch with patterned paper. Some online sellers and craft stores also sell pre-made tea bag envelopes if you’d rather skip the DIY aspect. Along with the tea bag, include a small note with well wishes for the holiday season inside the envelope. Handwritten notes are always well received! Seal the envelope with a festive sticker, then personalize it by decorating with ribbons, bows, twine, or other accessories. Every recipient of this creative holiday greeting card is sure to appreciate the personalized touch, as well as the flavorful tea inside.

2. Stocking Stuffers

Stockings are perfect for small treats, toys and candies that don’t necessarily belong under the tree, but will still bring joy to the recipient. Our Traveler’s Tea Tins and Green Tea Sampler Pillow make perfect stocking stuffings for the tea drinker in your life.

Traveler’s Tins feature six tea bags of our most popular tea varieties. Choose your loved one’s favorite tea, or surprise them with a new flavor you think they’ll enjoy. They may even choose to have a cup right away on Christmas morning! Similarly, Our Green Tea Sampler Pillow features six tea bags of a variety of popular green teas, including Honey Ginseng, Ginger Peach Green Tea and The People’s Green Tea.

3. Festive Favors

Hosting a holiday get-together? In addition to being a great stocking stuffer, our Traveler’s Tins are the perfect way to treat your party guests to a festive favor they’ll be glad to bring home.

Beautifully packaged, mess-free, and extremely portable, these tins are perfecting for passing out to friends and family to thank them for attending your holiday celebration. Plus, tea is a lighter and healthier alternative to other tasty treats like cookies and candies, but still feels indulgent and festive.

Choose a variety of flavors so that guests can pick and choose the tin that appeals to them, or use name tags to make sure everyone gets the blend you think they’ll love the most.