A Journey of Enlightenment to the Beautiful Tea Gardens of Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Dear Citizens,

This past week we embarked on a journey of enlightenment to Sri Lanka. Our lives were forever enriched and we have been inspired to share our adventures of Ceylon Tea with you, our Citizens.

150 Years of Tea

While 2017 marks The Republic of Tea’s 25th Anniversary, we were humbled that it also marks 150 years of Ceylon Tea in Sri Lanka. We celebrated this grand anniversary at the Ceylon Tea Festival. Thank you to all the men and women of the tea estates who make tea possible in Sri Lanka!

“Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Ceylon Tea with the people of Sri Lanka and fellow Ministers of The Republic of Tea is a truly authentic tea experience. This anniversary highlights Sri Lanka’s devotion to its high-quality tea that The Republic of Tea proudly offers to enrich Citizens lives with each sip. Coinciding with the 25th anniversary year of The Republic of Tea, this is an extra special privilege to honor the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, its culture and the fine teas it offers the world.”-Kristina Richens, Minister of Commerce

Where it all Begins

A trip to origin would not be complete without seeing the amazing tea gardens where our tea is grown. We visited two beautiful tea estates in Nuwara Eliya, where some of our favorite teas like British Breakfast, Mango Ceylon and Earl Greyer are sourced.

“Tea has been a lifelong passion. It’s been an incredible experience to cup freshly plucked premium teas with the growers.” -Carla Vallese, Minister of Integrity

Herbs Galore

Sri Lanka is not only known for tea, but also for its fragrant and rich herbs and spices. Our Organic Chia Chai® and Biodynamic® Turmeric Cinnamon teas are also sourced here. Getting to see and taste these spices in their native habitats was incredible.

Enrichment Through Education

A founding principle of The Republic of Tea is education. Our charter states, “We know that, as an organization and as individuals, we must continually learn, grow and innovate in order to progress, succeed and accomplish our goals.” As such, we took a Ceylon Tea Master Class as well as visited the Tea Research Institute.


“Education is really important to The Republic of Tea. I’ll be able to pass on my experience learning about the great teas of Sri Lanka to all of our Embassies and Citizens.” -Chris Linzey, Minister of West Commerce

“We pride ourselves on our customer service and the enlightenment we provide our citizens. By visiting Sri Lanka, I can further enrich our Citizens with our first-hand experience and the in-depth knowledge I have gained.” -Heather Stanley, Minister of Citizen Services


Rounding out our trip

We also did some sightseeing—visiting the ancient ruins at Sigiriya Rock and spotting elephants on a safari!

As our journey of enlightenment comes to an end, we leave with timeless memories, new friendships, inspiration for a lifetime and in a state of Tea Mind.

Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp,

The Ministers of The Republic of Tea