A Twist on Iced Teas

Refreshing Iced Tea Varieties
The summer season is in full swing, which means plenty of sunshine and sky-high temperatures. There’s a lot to love about the hot summer weather, but we think the best part of the season is cooling down with a refreshing glass of iced tea. Nearly any tea can be enjoyed on ice, but there are a few unique iced tea varieties that stand out from the crowd.

The Republic of Tea invites you to grab a glass and enjoy these flavorful and refreshing iced tea varieties.

The Classic Iced Tea
The earliest recorded recipe for iced tea dates back to the 1870s in the United States. This new tea trend was first picked up by turn of the century housewives, and it quickly became fashionable to serve house guests a glass of iced tea with sugar and a wedge of lemon. Iced tea became an especially important aspect of southern U.S. culture, where it was a welcome treat on hot summer days.

The beverage grew to widespread popularity several years later when the American tea merchant Richard Blechynden sold iced tea at the 1904 World’s Fair. This event is credited with popularizing iced tea.

Mint Iced Tea
The addition of fresh mint creates an especially refreshing twist on the classic iced tea. To prepare mint iced tea, simply steep the tea leaves or tea bag according to package directions. Add sugar, lemon, and fresh mint leaves as desired and stir well. Refrigerate the tea until cold, then strain out the mint leaves and serve the tea chilled with ice. You may also add the mint leaves and lemon to already chilled tea.

Our Watermelon Mint Black Iced Tea captures the essence of summer with the natural, fresh sweetness of watermelon finished with a touch of cool peppermint.

Herbal Infused Iced Tea
Mint isn’t the only herb you can add to your iced tea – just about any herbs and spices you can think of will complement the natural aroma of tea leaves and add rich, memorable flavors to your glass. Basil, thyme, lemon verbena, and ginger will all taste great stirred into a pitcher of your favorite iced tea!

We invite you to try these top-selling herbal infused ice teas from The Republic of Tea:

Arnold Palmer
Nothing says summertime quite like an ice-cold Arnold Palmer! Named after the American golf icon, the Arnold Palmer is a refreshing mixture of iced tea and lemonade. Legend has it that the drink earned its name when Mr. Palmer ordered his signature beverage at the 1960 U.S. Open at the Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver. A woman seated at the bar nearby, intrigued by the unique combination, ordered “that Palmer drink.” And with that, the Arnold Palmer was born!

Mr. Palmer himself preferred his glass to be filled with three parts iced tea to one part lemonade, but the 50/50 mixture (also called a “Half and Half”) has become the more popular recipe over the years.

Matcha Iced Tea
Made with finely ground matcha green tea powder, matcha iced tea has a pleasant flavor and a vibrant green color that’s perfect for the summer season. Simply whisk matcha powder and water until the tea is light and frothy. Serve with ice in a chilled glass for the ultimate cooling beverage. For an extra dose of sweetness and creaminess, add a dash of frothed milk or almond milk.

Our Organic U•Matcha® Single Sips™ dissolve instantly in cold water and are naturally sweetened with a touch of monk fruit.

For matcha with a boost of hydration, try our Organic Matcha Coconut Water Iced Tea Pouches. Matcha pairs beautifully with the refreshing notes of organic coconut water in this refreshing blend.

Thai Iced Tea
On a scorching hot summer day, Thai iced tea is the ultimate treat. Sweet, smooth, and soothing, Thai iced tea is made by combining Thai tea leaves, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and sugar. Traditionally served in a tall glass, Thai iced tea can also be made using regular black tea leaves; although it won’t yield the typical bright orange color, you will get the same creamy texture and nice flavor.

Whichever variety you prefer, there’s nothing quite like an ice cold, perfectly steeped glass of tea on a hot summer’s day. The Republic of Tea invites you to shop our full selection of iced teas, and stay refreshed all summer long.