Gift Guide: Good Tidings, Small Packages

Give the experience of new flavors by choosing holiday gifts from our wide array of premium teas and stylish tea accessories.


Holiday Stackable

The perfect way to enjoy three of our seasonal favorites: Dream by The Fire Herb Tea, Comfort and Joy Black Tea and Peppermint Bark Tea Herb Tea. Each compartment contains 12 round natural, unbleached tea bags as well as its own lid for easy traveling this holiday season.


Silicone Tea Lids / Snowy Owl Mug

Festive red silicone lids keep tea hot on cold days. Pair with a popular boxed seasonal mug for a great gift.


Universal Infuser / Tea of Good Tidings Full-Leaf

This versatile infuser fits most cups and even many teapots. Easily steep up a cup or a pot of our holiday Tea of Good Tidings.


Matcha / Electric Frother

This shade-grown green tea is stone ground into a fine, bright-green powder. Use our electric frother to whip up a delicious and creamy matcha latte.


Lifefactory Travel Bottle / Comfort and Joy Sampler Pillow

Pair this stylish on-the-go bottle with a sampler size of holiday Comfort and Joy Tea.