How to Host a Holiday Tea Party

Around the globe, the holidays are a time for gathering with loved ones and celebrating the spirit of the season. And what better way to bring warmth to your winter festivities than with a hot cup of your favorite seasonal tea?

Hosting a holiday tea party is a wonderful way to get into the festive spirit, while bringing your friends and family members together to celebrate the season.

Of course, hosting a successful event requires a bit of planning and preparation! Follow these tips for hosting a holiday tea party that will keep your guests talking into the new year.

Set the Scene

A perfectly planned tea party always begins with the decor. “Holiday” is a broad theme, so it’s a smart idea to further narrow down your color scheme and list of ideas.

For instance, an elegant affair might feature a white china teapot, accompanied by simple pillar candles, holly berries, and sparkling silver and gold accent pieces. For an easy and eye-catching centerpiece, fill a tall glass vase with ornaments and twinkle lights.

Perhaps you’d prefer a rustic theme; in that case, think pine cones, evergreen sprigs, and cable knit tea cozies. Or you could take a cue from the weather outside, and transform your tea party setting into a winter wonderland with all white tablecloths, lace runners, and snowflake doilies.

Alternatively, go bold and classic with vibrant red and green decor like stockings, candy canes, and brightly colored linens. Whichever type of festive theme you choose, be sure to cover the basics like decorative tablecloths, napkins, place settings, and centerpieces.

Scented seasonal candles and holiday music are the perfect finishing touches to your celebratory atmosphere!

Tea & Treats

To truly tie the festive spirit together, you’ll need to curate the perfect holiday menu. This should include an assortment of both teas and carefully paired treats.

Special holiday teas made with seasonal ingredients like peppermint, cinnamon, apple, vanilla and cardamom are the ideal choice. We recommend varieties like:

Select a small handful of teas to serve, with a variety of flavors and ingredients to appeal to different palates. For an extra festive touch, use colored icing to pipe holly berries, stockings and candy canes on sugar cubes. Guests will love dropping them into their teas for added sweetness!

Once you’ve selected your teas, it’s time to add finger foods, treats, and other small bites to your menu. Remember, pairing tea with food is all about balancing flavors. Robust black teas pair nicely with full-flavored foods, such as chocolate or gingerbread. Lighter teas, like green tea, complement breads, pastries and fruit salads.

Display your treats on an elegant tiered cupcake stand – you can even use this as a makeshift centerpiece. A few festive food ideas to get you started include:

  • Frosted sugar cookies
  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Cranberry orange cones
  • Apple tarts
  • Miniature fruitcakes
  • Petits fours
  • Cucumber, goat cheese, or crab salad tea sandwiches (Tip: Use a holiday-themed cookie cutter to cut your sandwiches into festive shapes!)

And while enjoying festive teas and finger foods should provide more than enough entertainment, you could add even more fun to your event by making it a gingerbread house-building party or a holiday cookie swap!