Inspirational Tea Quotes from The Ministers of Tea

At The Republic of Tea we encourage all Citizens to practice the art of steeping and tasting our full-leaf tea, for practice makes perfect. You will laugh more. You will look at your watch less. You will have fewer imaginary problems, once you have learned to sip.

As you do, we hope that you find peace of mind and tranquility with every soothing sip.  Take the time to appreciate each and every cup. Find state of mind and being far removed from a world made jittery from speed and change.

These tea quotes remind us the importance of taking time to sip and reflect:

“The Leaves take the water, the first sip emanating wisdom’s light. Where Tea Mind is polished, it shines, pervading the universe, is more than it seems. And so are we.” –The Ministers of Travel


“I am told that in western cultures there is a preoccupation with youth but that you have not yet discovered the inspiring effect of Tea Mind. How can it be? A single sip of tea has the power to carry you back to the time before time. That’s young.” –The Minister of Leaves


“Day after day we live on the edge of time. Sun and moon go as they may. Heaven and Earth change freely. With each cup of tea I experience the birth of the universe. With each sip a new beginning. If you ask me to explain, I need only invite you to drink tea.” –The Minister of Travel


“An Herb is a friend. It should be chosen wisely and entertained discriminately.” –The Minister of Herbs


“What is told may be heard, but easily forgotten. What is shown will be seen, but not easily remembered. For those who aspire to know the way, sip the tea.” –The Minster of Travel


“Good Health is to the body what the leaf is to the water. What would one be without the other? As with tea so with life. Is there a greater union?”- The Ministers of Travel


Every cup of fragrant, steaming tea is a journey of beguiling enrichment and discovery. We hope you enjoy Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp.

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