Tea: The Father’s Day Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

Father’s Day is coming up fast, on Sunday, June 17th. That means that right now is the time to start thinking about gift ideas for dad…which for many people, is no easy task.

After all, what can you buy for the man who seemingly has it all? If you’ve already gifted your father more ties, socks, golf accessories, and grilling tools than he knows what to do with it, it’s time to shift gears.

For a Father’s Day gift that’s practical, enjoyable, and refreshingly different from the norm, look no further than tea. Read on for tea and sipware ideas that dad will love to receive this year.

Best Black Teas for Men

Bold and rich black tea is the most popular variety in North America…and with good reason. A healthy and enjoyable alternative for coffee drinkers, black tea can be sipped hot or cold, and with milk, sugar, lemon, or all on its own.

Organic Assam Breakfast Black Full-Leaf Tea

Pure, unblended Assam leaves from northern India give this tea its robust and malty character. This tea steeps a cup with a deep, bold color and complex yet smooth flavor – perfect for sipping in the morning before work.

Golden Yunnan Black Full-Leaf Tea

High-grown in the mountains of Yunnan, China, this prized gourmet tea is highly regarded for its exquisitely smooth flavor. Malty, delicate and with just a touch of citrus flavor, this tea is sure to become an instant favorite.

HiCAF® Cinnamon Toast Black Tea

Is your dad a fan of cinnamon toast? Gift him a tea that’s reminiscent of his favorite morning treat, and will also get him energized for the day. Boasting an intensified caffeine content and sweet full-bodied cinnamon flavor, this tea tastes even better with a small splash of milk.

Republic Chai® Black Tea

Robust black tea leaves and rich imperial spices merge together to create this hearty blend. Chai is traditionally prepared by simmering the tea bags with water, milk and honey. The end result: a cup that’s flavorful, full-bodied, and deliciously complex.

Best Pu-erh Teas for Men

Pronounced “poo-erh,” this unique variety of tea is harvested from Yunnan, China, where it undergoes a special oxidation and aging process. Much like a fine wine, pu-erh tea only gets better with age.

Coconut Pu-erh Full-Leaf Tea

We’ve blended earthy, malty pu-erh tea leaves with real coconut flakes to produce a cup that’s a little bit sweet and a little bit smoky. A real treat for the tastebuds, this blend is a must-have for tea enthusiasts.

Best Specialty Teas for Men

Maté Latte® Full-Leaf Tea

The ultimate alternative to coffee, yerba mate packs a big caffeine punch while delivering the myriad health benefits of tea. We’ve blended exotic Brazilian mate with cocoa, rooibos, cactus flowers, and almonds to create a cup that’s rich, chocolatey, and energizing.

U•Matcha® Charcoal

Introduce dad to a whole new world of green tea with this intriguing blend. 100% premium, shade-grown Japanese matcha is combined with activated bamboo charcoal for a blend that’s earthy, pleasant, and encourages detoxification and wellness.

get some zzz’s™ – No. 5 Herb Tea for Rest

Dad works hard day in and day out; help him unwind in the evenings after a long day with this caffeine-free herbal tea blend. Refreshing rooibos, soothing chamomile, and calming valerian will ensure dad gets his well-earned rest every night.

Sipware Gifts for Dad

Whichever variety you choose, ensure that dad never has to go without his tea by including a travel mug as part of your gift to him. For keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, we recommend our sleek and durable:

Don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing your present for dad; let him know just how much you care this Father’s Day with any of the excellent gift ideas above.