Tea Trip: Journey to Experience Ti Kuan Yin Oolong Tea in China

This week, we have the unique opportuniTEA to travel abroad to experience tea in China.  Along the way our Ministers will visit Shanghai, Beijing and Anxi, home of Ti Kuan Yin Oolong Tea.   On this journey, our Ministers will visit tea gardens, speak one on one with growers and join in on a variety of tea related adventures where they will become more familiar with the Chinese culture and Chinese Tea.

As we embark on this excursion, we are happy to announce that Citizens will be able to partake in a virtual journey of their own! Throughout the next week, Citizens can follow along with our activiTEAS abroad right here on the Tea Blog and on The Republic of Tea’s FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram and YouTube pages. Ministers will share stories and photos from various origins and cultural destinations in an effort to educate and inspire Citizens and tea drinkers everywhere.

We are excited to share an experience like this with all of our Citizens and hope that, while following along, you will find yourself inspired to live life Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp.

May 7th Travelogue, Stop #1: Shanghai, China

What a progressive and clean city Shanghai is! Arriving in the early evening, we were immediately energized by the thrill of the journey about to begin and the bustle of movement.  After an amazing meal highlighted with chrysanthemum leaf salad, grandmother tofu dish and pork meatballs followed by a good night sleep, we were ready for our first day in China, spent in Shanghai.

Shanghai has impressive architecture, beautiful flowers everywhere and a style of its own.  While home to 24 million people, Shanghai is a city that feels comfortable and welcoming.  We started our day in Old Town Shanghai and a tour of Yuyuan Garden.  At the garden, we took our first tea break together sipping Long Jing, or Dragonwell tea, and Pu-erh teas.  The three legged frog intrigued us as part of the tea service. When fed with tea, the frog brings wealth and longevity.

After tea we savored the classic Shanghai dumplings standing in the middle of the active town center, by the Zigzag bridge, taking in the commerce happening around us in this historic place.

Our afternoon tour was of the Bund taking in the sights of skyscrapers and the Huangpu River.  During this time we could feel the fast pace of Shanghai, a center of international trade.  Towering above us is the landmark Pearl TV Tower and the Shanghai Center will be the third tallest building in the world when complete in 2015.

Next stop: Anxi