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The Thekkady Spice Village

Today we spent time in Thekkady, located in the Kerala state of south India, where we visited a local spice village. In the midst of this beautiful village, Ministers saw everything from treasured tea plants to nutmeg, cloves and cardamom.  The lingering aromas of vanilla and cinnamon reminded us of a delicious cup of vanilla tea or cinnamon tea.

To arrive here we traveled by jeep on rough, unsurfaced roads that passed through tea gardens and a rain forest. The extent of the village is about 12 acres. On our visit to this location, we saw the preparation of cardamom, a spice used in some of our spicy teas. We were also able to visit the local spice planters smoke house where picked cardamom is dried to bring out its strong aroma and flavor and make it ready for consumption.

The village’s spice planter educates Ministers about the unique properTEAS of the region’s prized cardamom bush.

cardamom tea

A close up of the cardamom flower and its budding pods (in the background)



“During our stay at Spice Village in Thekkady, several of us went on a spice walking tour with an on staff naturalist and zoologist. We were shown many of the plants that are being grown and used in various areas of the resort like cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and nutmeg. Their care for the environment on this property was outstanding! We toured their solar energy area as well as their water recycling plant.

We walked through Spice Village’s beautiful organic garden where many herbs and vegetables were grown like basil, broccoli and even Moringa! Last, we were given a demonstration on how to make recycled paper which is then used on the property.” – Lisa Berry, Minister of Ambassador Commerce

The prized Moringa tree!

moringa tea

Beautiful budding trees at the spice village

Fresh coconuts at the spice village

coconut tea

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