Three Gardens Breakfast Tastings Next Week

Rainforest Alliance Week is next week, September 19th-September 25th. To celebrate we will be sampling our Rainforest Alliance Certified, Three Gardens Breakfast Tea at these locations.  Come sip tea and help The Republic of Tea and the Rainforest Alliance grow a greener world.



Wednesday, September 21 11am-3pm

Central Market-Mill Creek, WA

Friday, September 23rd 11am-3pm


Uwajimaya-Beaverton, Oregon

Friday, September 23rd 11am-4pm


Whole Foods-Santa Barbara, CA (Codington)

Monday, September 19th 3pm-7pm

Orchard Nutrition-Redding, CA

Monday, September 19th-Friday September 25th All day

Rainbow Acres-Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, September 21st 3pm-6pm

Whole Foods-San Francisco, CA (Franklin)

Friday, September 23rd 2pm-6pm


Whole Foods-Lamar Austin,TX

Friday, September 23rd 11am-4pm

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