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Traveling with Tea

Tea drinking is a ritual. You have your favorite kettle, your favorite tea variety, your favorite mug, and your favorite sweetener. Any deviation from the norm can throw off the whole cup.

For tea drinkers who travel often, that can be a big inconvenience. Whether you’re jetting off for a European getaway, cruising down the coast on a road trip, or traveling for work, maintaining your tea routine can be difficult.

Fortunately there are ways to make traveling with tea easier, allowing you to indulge in your favorite cup from anywhere in the world. Before your next vacation, be sure to add the following items to your packing list.

Steep ‘n Sip with a Travel Thermos

Travel thermoses with tea infuser baskets allow you to steep your tea on-the-go, and then conveniently sip from the same container. Popular travel thermoses with infusers include our Stainless Steel Vacuum Travel Mug and Bamboo Travel Tumbler.

A tea press — like the Sip by Sip Travel Tea Press — is another type of portable container that will allow you to brew tea on the road. Simply add two teaspoons of full-leaf loose tea (or two tea bags) to the press, then add hot water.

Sip By Sip Travel Press

Alternatively, our Stainless Steel Personal Carafe with a removable mesh infuser holds 20 generous ounces. This carafe has an open spout that can be used for sipping or pouring.

Other Travel Tea Accessories

Don’t have a thermos with an infuser? No problem! The Universal Tea Infuser rests neatly atop most cups, mugs and teapots. There’s plenty of room for loose leaf tea to steep, expand and develop the full-bodied flavor you love. This infuser is also suitable for use with our round tea bags.

Additionally, our Steep Sacks make it easy to transform any full-leaf loose tea into an easy-to-steep tea bag. Simply place full-leaf tea or herbs into the filter bags, and steep normally in a teapot or mug.

Traveler’s Tins

Our Traveler’s Tins were created with your journeys in mind. Small enough to fit in your hand, these tins are portable and lightweight – perfect for stuffing into a suitcase, duffle bag, or backpack.
Traveler's Tea Tins

Each conveniently-sized tin contains six round, unbleached tea bags. Wake up with your favorite cup of breakfast tea or wind down before bedtime with soothing Chamomile Lemon Herb Tea, no matter where you are in the world.

Single Sips®

Single Sips is a unique innovation that makes it easy to prepare and drink tea on the go. Currently available in two flavors – U•Matcha® and Turmeric – Single Sips packets are easy to transport and use.

Ideal for the light traveler, Single Sips can be enjoyed without the use of any additional equipment or accessories; all you need is a bottle of water, thermos or mug. We recommend the Lifefactory Travel Bottle, which was specifically designed for hot beverages such as tea.

  • To enjoy cold, pour a Single Sips packet into a bottle of water and shake well until blended.
  • To enjoy hot, add a Single Sips packet to an 8-12 oz. mug of hot water and give it a stir — no need for fancy whisks, frothers, or infusers.

Each recyclable canister includes 14 individual Single Sips, perfect for a lengthy business trip or two-week vacation.

However you choose to prepare your tea on the road, be sure to stock up on the right supplies before your next big trip!