Weddings and Tea: A Match Made in Heaven

Wedding season is upon us and nothing expresses love quite like tea. Whether serving tea at the reception or gifting fine teas as a wedding favor, there are numerous ways to celebrate the joy of love with tea.

Before the Big Day

Everyone loves a fancy tea party! Many brides-to-be enjoy tea party-themed bridal showers or serving teas during rehearsal dinners. Making tea part of the celebration is sure to add a touch of elegance and class that will leave wedding-goers excited for the big day.

Tea can be used to propose to future bridesmaids as well. Present a nicely boxed tea mug, with a tea bag inside and a note that says, “You’re my cup of tea! Will you be my bridesmaid?” No one could turn down such a creative proposal!


Tea Ceremony as a Symbol of UniTEA

Having a short tea ceremony during the wedding is becoming a popular way to symbolize two families blending together as one. Here is an example of how to incorporate an elegant tea ceremony into the special day.

For the tea, we recommend our Celebration Tea, reminiscent of champagne with essence of white grapes and a light fruity body. This tea is a festive celebration of love.

First, the bride’s mother will spoon the full-leaf loose tea into the infuser and place it into the teapot. There are many teapots to choose from, so you can easily complement the wedding style, theme and colors.

Next, the groom’s mother will pour steaming water over the tea into the teapot. Allow the tea to steep; now is a good time for a meaningful reading, musical performance or even the speaking of the vows.

Once the tea is ready, the bride’s mother will pour the tea into a tea cup to present to the groom. The groom’s mother will pour a cup to serve to the bride. Finally, the happy couple will take a moment to quietly sip and savor the tea together.

For planning purposes, aside from the tea, teapot and tea cups, other tools to have on hand include a teaspoon, an electric kettle, and an infuser.

Depending on the couple’s preference, immediate family and the bridal party may participate as well.


The Gift of Tea

Friends, family and loved ones will all enjoy receiving the gift of tea. Our Traveler’s Tins — featuring 6 tea bags of our best-selling flavors — are a perfect and inexpensive party favor for guests. Tea can be presented as a gift to members of the bridal party, or as party favors for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners or the wedding reception. We recommend our Thanks You’re A Peach or Celebrate with a Cuppa Cake Gift Teas. Alternatively, you can offer a tea that symbolizes love, and there is a variety to choose from. Many floral varieties of tea evoke feelings of warmth and romance. Orange Blossom 100% White Tea, with its strong essence of orange blossoms and essential oils is a traditional choice for wedding celebrations. Fruity herbal teas like Hibiscus Superflower Teas and Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea are reminiscent of a tropical getaway and will conjure up dreams of passion and adventure.


No matter how premium tea is incorporated into your wedding festivities, it is sure to bring an element of love and romance to the special day.