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Since The Republic of Tea launched its first Web site in January 1999, our loyal citizenry offered an abundance of TEAriffic ideas, comments and suggestions. A little over a year ago, those Citizen contributions became the foundation of a dynamic new project – creating a new online tea experience.

As Ministers of The Republic of Tea, our task was to build a destination for tea drinkers that offered Citizens a place to learn about tea and explore the Sip by Sip Lifestyle. We wanted to create a place for all tea drinkers, from tea aficionados to casual enthusiasts (and for those yet to join the specialty tea revolution), to share in the history, tradition and creativity of tea.

Today, we invite you to explore this new online tea experience, our new website, including the following highlights:

The Citizens’ Tea Library

Learn About TeaThe Citizens’ Tea Library is a place Citizens can learn tea origins, how to steep tea and unique, creative ways to enjoy tea. You will also find recipes, history and more.

Take a moment to explore the growing tea recipes section featuring recipes created by Citizens and Ministers of The Republic of Tea.

If you have a question, query The Minister of Information here. Questions from our Citizens drive the information we add to the Library. We’ll answer any tea-related question!

Helpful Product Pages

The Republic of Tea is recognized for its signature cylindrical tea tins. Did you know many of our teas are available in refill packages and in bulk sizes? That they come in Traveler’s Tins?

Simplified product pages enable you to discover new ways to enjoy teas you already love. They also provide detailed information about each tea and tea-inspired product, including ingredients, steeping instructions and more.

Take a moment to explore Natural Hibiscus Superflower Tea and see the many ways you can enjoy one of our newest herbal selections.

The Tea Blog

Each day Ministers interact with Citizens, Embassies and one another to further the tea revolution. These interactions will be shared on The Tea Blog. Consistent updates convey lessons on tea, happenings at our Embassies, content from our Citizens, news from our non-profit partners and more. Subscribe to The Tea Blog and receive updates whenever new stories are posted.

Follow The Republic of Tea on Twitter (@republicoftea) and enjoy daily Tea-Chings, be the first to hear our news and connect with The Ministers of The Republic of Tea.

Your Feedback

Your feedback is important to us and is reviewed by Ministers, including The Minister of Tea (our CEO). Please share your thoughts in the comments area below, via email or even on Twitter (@republicoftea).

Thank you to all of our Citizens for being a part of our special Republic and this new tea experience.

Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp By Gulp,

The Minister of Interactivity

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