Winter Fancy Food Show 2016

Each January brings not only the celebration of Hot Tea Month but also the Winter Fancy Food Show at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. This year, The Republic of Tea had the opportunity to showcase a varieTEA of delicious new teas and expand popular premium tea collections.


NEW Organic Coconut Water Iced Teas

Created with a freeze-dried coconut water ­base, organic green rooibos and tropical fruits, these iced teas offer a refreshing taste of paradise. Great for parties or for everyday sipping, each pouch steeps one quart of iced tea. New Coconut Water Iced Tea blends include the light and refreshingly sweet Mango Coconut Water Iced Tea and the bright, juicy Pineapple Coconut Water Iced Tea.


NEW Gift Teas

The Republic of Tea’s new Gift Teas collection offers Citizens the opportunity to send a message of well-wishes and appreciation “Sip by Sip” with personalized teas for special occasions. Whether it’s to thank a teacher or wish someone a happy birthday, each beautiful tin will bring a smile. Gift Tea blends include Celebrate With A Cuppa Cake Tea, Thanks You’re A Peach Tea, Mom You’re The Berry Best and Enjoy A Cup of Cheer.


NEW SuperHerb® Teas

We searched the globe for herbs that have been nutritional dynamos for centuries but are largely unavailable on store shelves in the US despite a growing demand for them. The Republic of Tea’s SuperHerb® teas are designed to help the body perform at its peak* and are a deliciously satisfying part of a daily wellness regimen. This collection has now expanded to include three NEW SuperHerb Teas including Organic Reishi Cocoa, Organic Thai Ginger and Organic Milk Thistle.


NEW U•Matcha® Charcoal Tea

Matcha powder blended with activated bamboo charcoal can help cleanse the digestive system by binding to and removing toxins from our body.* Charcoal is essentially flavorless, so the grassy, earthy flavor of premium matcha shines in this blend. U-Matcha Charcoal can be used as part of a detox program.


NEW Biodynamic Hibiscus Tea

Steep a cup of ecological harmony with our new Biodynamic® Hibiscus Tea. This premium hibiscus is grown on the western banks of the Nile River in Egypt using Biodynamic® practices. This ecological process enhances the crop’s flavor, nutrition, and quality. The farming practices also emphasize social and economic sustainability. Steep a ruby cup and enjoy the notes of citrus and berries.



Finally, our very own Minister of Tea, Ron Rubin, was inducted into the Specialty Food Association Hall of Fame during the show. The Specialty Food Association created the Hall of Fame with the mission to “honor individuals whose accomplishments, impact, contributions, innovations, and successes within the specialty food industry deserve praise and recognition.” An outstanding finale to a very successful and innovative show.



*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.