Winter Fancy Food Show 2017


The Republic of Tea, leading purveyor of premium teas and herbs, introduced a variety of innovative and delicious blends at the Winter Fancy Food Show, January 22-24, in San Francisco, California. This year also marks The Republic of Tea’s 25th anniversary. The company continues to celebrate this monumental milestone of providing Citizens the unmatched and elevated experience of sipping quality tea throughout 2017. In addition to providing tastings for a total of 29 teas, The Republic of Tea also premiered a stunning, new feng-shui designed booth for the brand.


ORGANIC SUPERFRUIT GREEN TEAS – SuperFruits are the best that nature has to offer – celebrated for their juicy, delectable flavors as well as their nutritional properties. The Republic of Tea has married real, organic fruit with fine China Green Tea, delivering a well-balanced cup and a multitude of benefits. The Republic of Tea has relaunched this collection as USDA Certified Organic, now including the all-new organic Pitaya SuperFruit Green Tea, organic Pomegranate SuperFruit Green Tea, organic Goji Berry SuperFruit Green Tea, organic Decaf Pomegranate SuperFruit Green Tea, organic Açaí SuperFruit Green Tea and organic Blueberry SuperFruit Green Tea.



ORGANIC PITAYA SUPERFRUIT GREEN TEAThe cactus fruit, pitaya, is prolific in Central America and Asia. It is also known as dragon fruit because of the scaly skin that surrounds soft fruit and thousands of edible seeds. Sweet and apple-like with a light, tropical finish, this fruit is also known for its antioxidants. Paired with fine green tea, this cup is a refreshing treat for your taste buds and your body.



GINGER PEACH CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE BLACK TEA To commemorate the company’s 25th anniversary, The Republic of Tea is thrilled to unveil this decadent new blend. A celebratory variation of the beloved Ginger Peach Black Tea, the Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle Black Tea features a luxurious blend of sweet cocoa, roasted maté and smooth rooibos. The flavor profile is reminiscent of hints of cinnamon, ginger, chicory, sweet blackberry leaves and bourbon vanilla. For ultimate tea lovers, the Ginger Peach Two-Tin Gift Set combines both the Ginger Peach Chocolate Truffle Black Tea and Ginger Peach Black Tea to be enjoyed Sip by Sip.



ORGANIC NETTLE SUPERHERB TEANettle leaves have been known to support the body in a variety of ways. Studies have shown that it can help reduce joint inflammation and can help support kidney function.* Nettle tea has been popular as a tonic for centuries to help women through all phases of life – from menstruation, through pregnancy and breastfeeding, to menopause.* A touch of mint and vanilla makes the newest addition to the organic SuperHerb collection a joy to sip.


BLACK CURRANT ROSEMARY ICED TEALightly sweet and savory organic addition to the Iced Teas, black currant is famous for its unique deep berry flavor. Blended with an organic base of tart-sweet hibiscus blossoms and finished with a hint of earthy rosemary, this sipper is a lightly sweet and caffeine-free treat.



BLACK RASPBERRY GREEN TEAThe black raspberry is not a blackberry nor raspberry, but has similar, sweet flavors and is revered for its antioxidant levels. This dark fruit, along with blueberries, adds a refreshing balance to fresh green tea.



THANKS MOM TWO-TIN GIFT – Celebrate Mom with this personalized gift set featuring Mom, You’re the Berry Best Tea and Thanks You’re a Peach Gift Tea. Mom, You’re the Berry Best Tea is an indulgent caffeine-free blend reminiscent of strawberry shortcake. Enjoy a cup of Thanks You’re a Peach Gift Tea, a premium Ginger Peach Black Tea, which is delicious served hot or over ice.



The Republic of Tea continues to enrich Citizens’ lives through premium teas and herbs, education and innovation, emphasizing a Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp lifestyle. We look forward to the next 25 years of innovation and thank you for being an important part of our Tea Revolution.




*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.