Tea Varieties

Among so many other elements, tea dazzles us with its diversity. One plant, many dimensions.

In order to bring its Citizens the finest selections, The Republic of Tea canvasses the most prized tea gardens of the world for their worthiest leaves—all varieties of Camellia sinensis. Once selected, the buds and leaves are meticulously transformed into one of these time-honored tea varieties: black, green, pu-erh, 100% White Tea or oolong. We also source unofficial teas not grown on a tea bush—like rooibos (also known as Red Tea) and a wealth of fine herb teas, referred to as “infusions” or tisanes.

Each tea is as distinct as a wine varietal, imparting nuances of aroma and flavor with each sip. 100% White Teas are as delicate as a whisper. Rooibos is rich and robust. Each variety of tea benefits from a slightly different method of preparation and each makes someone smile.

We invite you to explore The Republic of Tea and discover the many varieties and iterations of teas readily available to you. Steep in your favorite teapot or cup, then sip slowly. Find your smile and repeat.