Premium Tea Company Celebrates Gold sofi™ Award Winning Tea and Showcases Innovative New Collections


NOVATO, CALIF. (June 23, 2019) – The Republic of Tea, leading purveyor of premium teas and herbs, is pleased to debut three new Downton Abbey® teas at the Summer Fancy Food Show, which runs from June 23 through June 25 in New York City. In celebration of the highly anticipated Downton Abbey film hitting theaters this September, The Republic of Tea introduces three exclusive blends inspired by the series’ characters – The Bates’ Tea, Lord & Lady Grantham’s Tea, and Violet & Mary’s Tea – in addition to a refresh of its complete Downton Abbey tea collection with elevated new packaging and label designs.


In addition to the Downton Abbey teas, The Republic of Tea is showcasing its beloved Milk Oolong Full-Leaf Tea, a 2019 gold sofi™ Award winner recognized by the Specialty Food Association. Other highlights include the recently introduced Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Pineapple Coconut Single Sips, Organic Hydration Watermelon Single Sips, SuperAdapt Teas collection, and Golden Pumpkin Tea.


“We are very excited to be back at the Summer Fancy Food Show this year, especially as we celebrate our gold sofi Award with the Specialty Food Association,” said Kristina Richens, Minister of Enlightenment and Commerce at The Republic of Tea. “We feel honored and humbled to receive such a coveted distinction for our Milk Oolong Full-Leaf Tea. It’s been an exciting and momentous year for The Republic of Tea already, and we are energized to continue the momentum with our newest additions to the Downton Abbey collection, which we’re confident will be fan favorites.”


The Republic of Tea is showcasing and providing tastings for a total of 23 premium teas at Booth #5206 at the Javits Center during the Summer Fancy Food Show. Highlights include:


  • Limited Edition Downton Abbey Movie Teas – Inspired by the award-winning TV series coming to theatres this September, the three Limited Edition Downton Abbey Movie Teas bring to life the drama, relationship and intriguing characters of the Crawley household. Available starting August 1, 2019 for a limited time. $12.50/tin


  • The Bates’ Tea – The traditional flavors of plum pudding – baked fruit and spices – are married with the virtuous flavor of vanilla in a fine black tea base. This heartfelt cup is perfect for high tea and is equally delicious paired with a hearty sandwich or sweet biscuits.


  • Lord & Lady Grantham’s Tea – The combination of traditional black tea and rich, fragrant spices makes a tea that is fit for royalty. Steep a pot and fill your house, manor or castle with the warm aromas of sweet cinnamon and cloves to welcome your most esteemed guests.


  • Violet & Mary’s Tea – Life has its ups and downs, but you can always count on a good cup of tea. Delicate elderflowers and elderberry flavor lace this elegant cup with the gentle scent of spring blossoms. Pull on the long gloves and take a sip of this sophisticated herbal tea that will soften even the sharpest of tongues.


  • Golden Pumpkin Tea – This seasonal spice herb tea is a naturally caffeine-free blend of rooibos, turmeric and pumpkin pie spices perfect for fall. This tea blend combines the best attributes of a pumpkin spice latte and golden milk. Red rooibos lends a caramel note to traditional pumpkin pie spices, which are raised to another level with the addition of earthy turmeric root. $12.00/tin


  • Milk Oolong Full-Leaf Tea – This delightful, hand-processed green oolong, which was has been awarded a gold sofi™ Award by the Specialty Food Association, is grown high in the Fujian mountains in China. Famous for its ‘milky’ taste and silky texture, the large, tightly-rolled leaves have the alluring fragrance of sweet cream and pineapple. The flavor is smooth with light, orchid notes. $14.25/tin


  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Pineapple Coconut Single Sips and Organic Watermelon Hydration Single Sips – These pre-measured, individual packets can be enjoyed iced with water or even mixed into coconut water, juices, smoothies or yogurt. Add the Single Sips directly to a bottle of water and shake. Each recyclable PET canister includes 14 individual Single Sip packets for a two-week supply. $19.99/canister


  • SuperAdapt Teas – This collection of five delicious, organic blends feature adaptogens, a category of healing herbs that people have used for centuries to help handle occasional stress. Adapting to what you need, adaptogens can either clam or lift your energy; The Republic of tea blends complementary herbs and spices with each adaptogen for a balanced, palate-pleasing cup. The collection encompasses Stress Suppress, Restore and Reset, Hormone Harmony, Burnout Blocker and Clarity and Calm. $13.50/tin


For more information on The Republic of Tea’s premium tea and herbs, visit, and stay up to date with the brand throughout the Summer Fancy Food Show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


About The Republic of Tea:

The Republic of Tea enriches people’s lives through its premium teas and herbs, education and innovation, as it emphasizes a “Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp” lifestyle. Founded in 1992, The Republic of Tea sparked a specialty tea revolution. Today the brand delivers an unequaled selection of the highest-quality teas, herbal blends, books and nature-inspired sipware. The Republic of Tea’s collections boast over 300 all-natural premium teas and diverse offerings which include, but are not limited to: organic SuperAdapt Teas, Beautifying Botanicals, SuperGreen Teas, HiCAF® Teas, Downton Abbey™ Teas, Biodynamic® Teas, organic Superfruit™ Teas, Be Active® Teas, organic SuperHerb® Teas, 100-Percent White Teas, U-Matcha™, Single Sips ®, teaware and a collection of unsweetened, premium glass-bottled iced teas crafted exclusively for fine restaurants and hotels. Further, The Republic of Tea is mindful of how its actions impact the greater community and actively supports organizations like The Ethical Tea Partnership, Homeward Bound of Marin, and The Women of Tea: Sri Lanka, an initiative by The Republic of Tea focused on improving nutrition, hygiene and financial literacy for the women tea workers living in Sri Lanka. Certifications include Demeter USA Certified Biodynamic, Fair Trade certification, Gluten-Free certification, Non-GMO Project verification, OU Kosher certification, and USDA Organic certification. For more information, please visit or call 1.800.298.4832. Follow The Republic of Tea on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Snapchat @RepublicofTea.


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