Our Tea


From leaf to cup, The Republic of Tea is committed to sustainability:
– Our unbleached tea bags are free of unnecessary strings, tags and staples.
– We use excess tea paper from our production line instead of wasteful packaging material.
– Our tins are recyclable and made from 30%-50% recycled steel.

Cultivator Spotlight

We are dedicated to sourcing from cultivators who promote the highest environmental and social practices. Our partners include:

Rumi Spice, a saffron company started by a team of US military veterans to cultivate peace and financial stability in Afghanistan by partnering with Afghan farmers and employing 2,000 women. We source the saffron used in our Saffron Rose Tea from Rumi Spice.

Trout Lake Farm, a farm in Washington State committed since 1973 to producing high quality, organic, culinary and medicinal herbs. We source the peppermint for our SuperHerb Peppermint Tea from this farm.