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DIY Gift Ideas Using Tea

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December 14, 2016

The winter holiday season is here, and with it comes the spirit and tradition of gift giving. One of the best gifts that you can give your loved ones this December is a gift that you have made with your own hands. After all, handmade gifts always come from the heart, and isn’t that what the act of gift giving is all about?

Get inspired by these fun, creative, and innovate DIY gift ideas using tea!

Tea Wreath

A tea wreath is a simple yet festive way to introduce your friends and family members to the joy of tea this holiday season. To make your tea wreath, you will need to cut a piece of thick cardboard into the shape of a wreath, then decorate it with patterned paper. You will also need to glue roughly 24 decorated clothespins to your wreath, although the exact number depends on the size of your wreath and how full you want it to appear. Make sure the “mouth” of the clothespins are facing outwards!

Once you have assembled your wreath, simply clip a packet of tea onto each clothespin to give your wreath a full, vibrant appearance. The choice of tea is up to you, though we recommend using one of our tea samplers to provide plenty of variety.

Tea Soaps and Bath Salts

Tea is naturally fragrant, and can be used to provide a pleasant scent for soaps, bath salts, and other homemade cosmetics. The best part is that it is surprisingly easy to make your own soaps from the comfort of your home!

Here is what you will need in order to create your own DIY tea soaps:

  • Melt-and-pour soap base (find it at your local craft store)
  • Full leaf loose tea – we recommend green tea, black tea, herbal tea, or hibiscus tea for this rich and familiar fragrances… but do not be afraid to get creative based on your favorite scent!
  • Essential oils to provide additional fragrance (note: tea powders like matcha powder will also work)
  • Silicone soap mold
  • Parchment paper and twine for wrapping soaps

DIY bath salts are simpler to make and require fewer ingredients. To make a vibrant and energizing green tea bath salt mixture, simply combine epsom salt, green tea, small pieces of fresh citrus peel, and citrus-scented essential oils. Package them in a pretty tube or jar and – voila! – you have made your own beautiful tea bath salts.


Tea Lover’s Gift Basket

For the true tea lover in your life, why not gift them something that is thoughtful, memorable, and functional by putting together a homemade tea-themed gift basket? Fill a pretty wooden box or wicker basket with items like tea tins, a decorative tea cup, honey, candles, soaps, a book, socks, journals, and any other items that promote comfort and relaxation.

To really personalize your DIY gift basket, create a “theme” based on your loved one’s preferences. For instance, if they are a true matcha green tea lover, fill their basket with matcha powder, a matcha bowl, a bamboo matcha whisk, and a bamboo matcha spoon.

Alternatively, put a festive holiday spin on your gift basket with some of our limited edition seasonal teas and one of our special wintery mugs, like this Christmas Bear Boxed Mug.


Tea Cookies

Who does not love receiving sweet treats as a holiday gift? Whip up your own homemade cookies and sweets made with tea, and package them in a pretty gift box with nice parchment paper. The best part about this gift is that you can make enough for ALL of your friends and family members.

There is no shortage of recipes to choose from, but these are some of our favorites from our Tea Recipes section:

Which of these gifts would YOU most like to unwrap this holiday season?