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Tea and Yoga – Meditation in Two Acts

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March 27, 2014

What do tea and yoga have in common?

Drinking tea and practicing yoga are ancient practices steeped in history, both have been used for centuries as natural positive mood enhancers, and they each make you feel relaxed and present in your body.

It’s no surprise that many yoga studios serve tea to students after class – you are full of positive evergy, and a cup of tea enjoyed in the company of your fellow practitioners when you feel so refreshed is a beautiful thing.

Even if you do not belong to a yoga studio, you can reap the benefits of pairing yoga with tea from the comfort of your home. Not sure what to steep? Here are some suggestions from the resident yogis at The Republic of Tea.

1. Be Caffeine-Conscious – If your yoga session is in the morning, you can feel free to recharge with a healthful cup of matcha or green tea, or a full-flavored spiced chai tea. For most yogis, having caffeine in the morning is not an issue, so your options are wide open. Later in the day, you will need to be careful to limit your caffeine intake so as not to undo the relaxing benefits of your yoga practice! A calming herbal tea is a smart drink to enjoy after an evening yoga class – sip and reflect on your glowing wellness.

2. Incorporate Ayurvedic Spices – Up for a DIY project? You can make your own “yogi tea” at home – with or without caffeine – by simply combining black tea with traditional Ayurvedic spices such as cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, and ginger. This spice tea is usually sweetened with honey and served with milk. Find a basic recipe here.

3. Turn to Rooibos – We offer a collection of Be Active teas that pair beautifully with yoga and Pilates. Try Get Limber – Herb Tea for Flexibility or Get Restored – Herb Tea for Recovery to experience the power of green rooibos carefully combined with delicious fruit and herbal ingredients.

Tea drinkers and yoga practitioners alike know how relaxing and meditative it feels to sip a good cuppa hot tea.  Both tea and yoga have the ability to enrich your life, causing you to savor each moment just a little bit more. So the next time you emerge from Savasana pose, bright-eyed with your heart open wide, reach for a cup of tea and add some “Mmm…” to your “OM…”!