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Korakundah Tea Estate

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April 17, 2013

Today you’ll find us at 8,000 ft. among the rolling hills of the Korakundah Tea Estate, the HIGHEST situated commercial tea estate in the world! Korakundah Tea Estate also produces certified Organic tea, Fair Trade certified tea, and Rainforest Alliance certified tea.

Ministers participate in a tea cupping at Korakundah Estate

Teas are poured during the cupping for tasting

Mike Brown, Minister of Midwest Commerce shares his favorite experiences from visiting the Korakundah Tea Estate!

Today we spent the day climbing the winding roads of the Nilgiri Mountains, which included 43 hairpin turns. At the end of the journey we found ourselves at the Korakundah Tea Estate in the small mountain town of Korakundah. This estate is recognized as the highest elevated commercial tea estate in the world. At this unique estate they specialize in organic green and black tea and also practice sustainable farming. The community even collects local organic materials to create their own eco-friendly and sustainable fertilizer. We were privileged to visit this estate and be welcomed with open arms into this small community of farmers. The way in which they respect Camellia Sinensis comes through in each cup of these high elevation organic tea offerings.

Minister Mike Brown sips tea at Korakundah Estate

A stop for fresh coconut water on our journey to Korakundah


The environmental policy plaque located at Korakundah Estate