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Top 5 Wellness Trends in 2022

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January 5, 2022

From supporting natural immunity to adaptogenic beverages and plant-based eating, the top wellness trends of 2022 have been revealed. Whether you are working to finalize your New Year’s resolutions or simply want to stay ahead of this year’s biggest health trends, be sure to read through our full list of 2022 wellness trends below.

1. Immune Support

The global coronavirus pandemic has launched a new wave of interest in building and maintaining a healthy immune system. Over the last two years, online searches for topics like “immune support” and “how to naturally boost immunity” have increased exponentially. Demand for products that support immune health — such as immunity teas, herbal supplements, functional foods and probiotics — has surged as well.

While immunity is largely shaped by one’s overall lifestyle — including diet, exercise, sleep habits and stress management — certain supplements may help to support the body’s natural immune responses.*

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2. Outdoor Fitness

Another lasting impact of the global pandemic is the shift towards outdoor fitness. While gyms and exercise studios will always have their place, many fitness enthusiasts have turned their attention towards outdoor activities like running, hiking, cycling, stand-up paddle boarding and outdoor yoga — and some individuals are not looking back.

Outdoor fitness offers the additional benefit of time spent in nature, which can reduce stress and may improve your mood. Many fitness enthusiasts have likewise discovered that they prefer avoiding monthly membership fees and defined class schedules.

3. Adaptogenic Beverages

Adaptogens are plant-based substances (often herbs and mushrooms) that may help the body boost its resistance to stress.* True to their name, adaptogens are believed to adapt their effects as needed, providing either calming or stimulating benefits to bring the body back to homeostasis. Popular adaptogens include reishi mushroom, tulsi (holy basil), ginseng, ashwagandha, cordyceps and schisandra berry.

In recent years a growing number of adaptogenic beverages have emerged, especially as replacements to coffee and alcoholic beverages. An adaptogenic tea with tulsi or ashwagandha may help you unwind at the end of a long day, while a tea with chaga or ginseng can provide a natural boost of energy.*

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4. Reducetarianism

Reducetarianism is the practice of eating less meat, dairy, eggs and other animal products, regardless of the degree of reduction. This inclusive, eco-friendly trend has been making waves in recent years as consumers search for ways to improve their health and lower their footprint upon the earth.

The reducetarianism movement encourages individuals to make a conscious effort to reduce their consumption of animal products according to their own motivations and preferences. For some, that may mean eliminating these foods entirely; for others, it could look like meatless Mondays or avoiding animal products only during certain meals, such as lunch. Reducing one’s consumption of meat and dairy, even just slightly, can have a tremendous impact on both personal and environmental health.

5. Skin Health

Interest in skincare is expected to accelerate in 2022, and this trend is more than skin-deep. Our skin is one of our body’s most important defenses, serving as an external barrier against viruses, bacteria and other contaminants. Taking care of one’s skin is an important part of holistic wellness.

Some of the major skincare trends for 2022 include fighting oxidative stress with antioxidant-rich products, skin barrier repair, cold therapy and using facial tools like jade rollers and gua sha. 

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