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Embrace Autumn with Fall Spices

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October 4, 2017

Autumn is on its way, bringing with it cooler temperatures, changing leaves, festive holidays, and rich aromas. The flavors of fall are iconic: hot apple cider, hearty soups, sharp gingersnap cookies, and sweet, creamy pumpkin pie. These beloved seasonal dishes get their flavor from an assortment of fall spices like cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, and cloves. Warm, earthy, and spicy-yet-sweet, these autumn spices can help ward off chilly temperatures and add a touch of festive fall spirit to any warm beverage or dish.


Cinnamon has a warm, rich, woody flavor that complements a variety of baked goods, from cookies and cakes to breads and sticky buns. For a tasty treat at any time of the day, spread a spoonful of Cinnamon Honey Cream onto toast or a freshly baked bread roll. Ground cinnamon can also be used to create vibrant tea blends. Cinnamon tea is spicy and inviting – perfect for sipping on a crisp autumn day. Surprisingly, it can also be used to flavor warm stews, chilis, and savory roasted meat dishes.

Favorite cinnamon teas include:

Cinnamon Orange Red Tea
Cardamon Cinnamon Herbal Tea
Cinnamon Plum Black Tea
Hot Apple Cider Tea

Cinnamon contains antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, which can protect against damaging free radicals. Sipping a warm cup of cinnamon tea can aid in muscle relaxation, increase blood flow and circulation, and sooth achiness caused by inflammation or illness.*


Also known as “Indian Saffron,” turmeric is known around the globe for its distinctive golden coloring and robust, pungent, earthy flavor. It’s also regarded for its ability to soothe achy joints, promote healthy digestion, soothe stomach pains, assist in reducing inflammation, and help support the body’s immunity.*

Turmeric lends its vibrant yellow color and unique flavor to curries, sauces, marinades and soups, allowing you to whip up dishes as colorful as the autumn leaves outside. Others prefer to enjoy the hearty aroma and distinct flavor of turmeric with a hot mug of turmeric tea. We recommend full-bodied Biodynamic® Turmeric Cinnamon Tea for the perfect autumn cuppa.


Nicknamed the “queen of spices,” cardamom is the third most expensive spice in the world, just behind saffron and vanilla. The spice has a robust, smoky flavor and fragrant aroma that enhances the taste of any dish or beverage.

The warming quality and full-bodied flavor of cardamom makes it the perfect addition to autumn tea blends like Cardamon Cinnamon Herbal Tea and Chai Black Tea. To balance out the bold flavor with a bit of sweetness, add a splash of milk and honey. Cardamom also tastes great baked into desserts like cakes and cupcakes, as well as seasonal autumn jams, apple crumbles, fruitcakes, and other treats. Craving something savory? Cardamom adds bold flavor to soups, glazes, curries, marinades, and more.

Cardamom is highly regarded in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for its ability to promote oral and gastrointestinal wellness, help maintain healthy blood pressure, and help ease joint pain.*


Cloves are a potent, richly colored fall spice with a strong aroma – a small sprinkle of cloves goes a long way! Ayurvedic healers use cloves to help reduce inflammation, maintain balanced blood sugar levels, and support the body’s immune system. A hot cup of clove tea on a chilly autumn day can help ward off fatigue and help support your body’s natural immunity against colds and other illnesses.

From pumpkin bread to spiced pecan pie, and from apple cider to holiday ham, cloves will add rich, vibrant flavor to all your favorite autumn dishes. Their beautiful reddish color and strong flavor makes them a favorite fall spice among bakers and chefs around the world.

Thanks to their warm, inviting flavor, you can also make a festive simmering stovetop potpourri using cloves, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cranberry, and orange. Alternatively, mix cloves with diced apple, cinnamon sticks, and a dash of vanilla for a sweet and spicy fragrance.
Creative Uses for Fall Spices
These aromatic autumn spices can be used in many recipes and DIY projects. Try mixing them together to create your own fall spice blends, or pairing them with other autumn flavors like apple, pear, orange, and pumpkin. Some of our favorite fall spice recipe ideas include:

● Warming beverages like tea, coffee, cocoa and cider
● Soups, stews, and chilis
● Sauces and marinades
● Pies, cakes, and cookies
● Candied nuts
● Spice-infused syrups and jams
● Bread loaves, rolls, and muffins
● French toast and pancakes
● Oatmeal
● Scones and other pastries
● Baked apples

These festive fall spices can also be used to make DIY potpourri on the stovetop, or placed in a dish for a seasonal table centerpiece. However you use them, there’s no better way to embrace the flavors and aromas of autumn than with these warm and inviting fall spices.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.