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How Our Tins Keep Your Tea Fresher

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September 14, 2020

Did you know fine tea is quite fragile, and that the delicate flavors and aromas of your favorite tea can be damaged by exposure to light, humidity, heat and even oxygen? Properly storing your tea is important for preserving freshness, quality and nuanced tasting notes.

When stored properly, tea can remain fresh and flavorful for a very long time. Most teas remain in excellent condition for around two years. By comparison, tea that has not been stored properly can lose essential oils, resulting in a stale or bland taste that may lack depth of flavor. 

Fortunately, when you purchase tea bags or full-leaf loose tea from The Republic of Tea, you never need to worry about how your tea is being stored. Our tea tins were specially designed to protect the delicate leaves and herbs inside, preserving their flavor for as long as possible.

Benefits of Storing Your Tea in The Republic of Tea Tins

The Republic of Tea’s cylindrical steel tea tins are airtight and completely opaque. This unique packaging protects tea against the most common damaging factors: oxygen, odors, light and moisture. 

Our steel tins completely block out light, which can cause tea leaves to oxidize and dry out more rapidly, weakening their flavors and subtle notes. Our airtight tins also help keep oxygen and moisture in the air from reaching the tea leaves, as this can negatively affect their quality.

One thing many tea drinkers do not realize is that tea leaves can absorb odors from surrounding spices and foods. The Republic of Tea’s tightly-lidded tins keep these odor contaminants out, and maintain the natural aromas of your tea.

Tips for Keeping Your Tea Fresher

The Republic of Tea’s tins were carefully designed to keep fine tea leaves fresh and flavorful. There are also steps our Citizens can take to preserve the quality of their tea over time, especially if they are using their own air-tight storage containers:

  • Our signature tightly-lidded tea tins are ideal for kitchen storage. Therefore, please do not store teas in the refrigerator or freezer unless recommended in package instructions.
  • Store your tea in a cool dark area, such as a cabinet or drawer. Keep in mind that the heat generated from kitchen appliances such as the stovetop or oven can cause delicate tea leaves to oxidize. 
  • Store your tea in a dry area, such as away from the dishwasher. Moisture and humidity can be easily absorbed by the tea leaves, and negatively impact their quality.
  • Store your tea in a separate cabinet or drawer from spices and other fragrant foods to protect its natural aroma.

Simply by keeping tea in the original packaging from The Republic of Tea, Citizens can extend the longevity of their tea and enjoy its signature flavor for a long period of time.