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5 of our Ministers’ Favorite Quotes from

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November 30, 2020


The Mandalorian

We at The Republic of Tea have a special adoration for quotes. Since the beginning, our tins have featured our Ministers’ musings about the specialness of our teas and herbs as well as the joy and wonder of the world around us.

A good quote can encapsulate a world view, axiomatic teaching, or can simply bring laughter—but is always memorable. While looking for inspiration from The Mandalorian for our Limited Edition teas, we found no shortage of quotes that would be right at home here at The Republic of Tea.

While we watch the new season now streaming on Disney +, we would be remiss if we did not highlight some of the first season’s memorable lines to pick some of our favorites.

“This is the Way”

Mandalorians profess a Creed to adhere to the tenets of Mandalorian life. One such manifestation of living that Creed in the series is the phrase “This is the Way.” At once a reassurance and recentering, it is almost a mantra and provides a stoic backdrop to one’s actions. The Mandalorian is ordinarily a man of few words, which means when he talks, there’s likely weight given to his statements—especially if he repeats himself as he does when saying this.

“I Have Spoken”

The first episode has so many memorable moments, but an underrated one may be the interaction between Mando and Kuiil, an Ugnaught whom he meets in the process of tracking down his next bounty. Kuiil’s direct and unhesitant outlook gives rise to this quote, which he often uses as a verbal reminder that things can be simple if you allow them to be. This one especially reminds us of some of our favorites from our Minister of Tea.

“Bounty Hunting is a Complicated Profession”

Spoken by “the Client,” this quote could be in the running for the understatement of the millennium. Delivered with such gravitas and knowing, the client admits that what is being asked of Mando is no easy task and comes with great danger. In its simplicity, this quote acknowledges the mission on which Mando is about to embark may contain not only a moral dilemma of being a “hired gun,” but also a particularly hairy situation; the details of which only the Client knows.

“They All Hate You Because You’re a Legend”

It is understandable to feel a tinge of jealousy when someone whom you tolerate achieves something great, but when someone else highlights the disparity, it becomes an even more bitter sip to take. Greef Karga, the bombastic head of the Bounty Hunters Guild, says this out of celebration of Mando’s successes – in a bar filled with bounty hunters who are, shall we say, competitive. Still, the gregarious nature of Karga’s delivery adds a level of pride to Mando’s achievements – and makes us feel like we are a part of it.

“Would Anyone Care for some Tea?”

Perhaps we are biased, but in our opinion no sweeter words — even if said by a droid — could ever be spoken. As people who have devoted our lives to bringing the world’s best-tasting teas to citizens everywhere, we were thrilled to see IG-11’s offer to Mando and his companions. Enjoying tea bridges creed, culture and origin, and is a great way to gather your thoughts no matter the obstacles you are facing.

New Season Now Streaming on Disney+.

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