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Expo West 2019 Trade Show Recap

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April 5, 2019

The Republic of Tea was thrilled to attend the Natural Products Expo West 2019 trade show, an annual event hosted by New Hope Network. The 2019 event took place March 5 – 9 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, and brought in more than 86,000 attendees from 136 countries.

Expo West is the largest natural and organic products event in the world, and is focused on driving positive change in the consumer packaged goods industry. Each year, brands unveil exciting new health and wellness products in the categories of food and beverage, beauty, home, supplements and nutrition.

Educational sessions, learning summits and discussions are a key component of Expo West. Among the top emerging trends highlighted at the event were natural low- or no-calorie sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit, responsible product sourcing, and emphasis on gut health via prebiotic foods and supplements.

The Republic of Tea was one of 3,600 exhibiting companies at Expo West 2019. In addition to showcasing 22 premium teas at our Feng Shui-inspired booth, we were pleased to debut two new delicious and healthful Single Sips

These convenient single-serving tonics enable Citizens to easily enjoy their favorite organic herbs and fruits at home or on-the-go. Simply pour the contents of the Single Sips packet into a bottle of water, shake, and enjoy immediately. These pre-measured packets also taste amazing when sprinkled into juices, smoothies, or yogurt.

“The Republic of Tea’s invigorating new Single Sips flavors are a testament to our company’s dedication to constantly create innovative, balanced blends that are chock-full of premium ingredients that taste delicious,” said Kristina Richens, Minister of Enlightenment and Commerce at The Republic of Tea.


Other booth highlights included:

Additionally, The Republic of Tea was delighted to be recognized as the favorite booth of nutrition blogger Katherine Brooking, MS, RD, from Appetite for Health. Katherine was among the top 50 health and wellness influencers at the event who were asked to report on their favorite booth.

Participating in Expo West 2019 among fellow industry leaders was an absolute pleasure. The Republic of Tea was thrilled to have taken part in a globally recognized event focused on bringing more health to more people, changing the world for the better.