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Introducing New Certified Elephant Friendly™ Chai Tea

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September 21, 2020

The Republic of Tea is thrilled to announce the launch of our collection of Certified Elephant Friendly chai teas. These premium teas are sourced from gardens that meet the high standards for the protection of Asian elephants and their habitats. 

We are the first nationally distributed tea company to offer premium tea leaves grown in a Certified Elephant Friendly garden. Learn more about our new Elephant Friendly chai teas below. 

Certified Elephant Friendly™ Bold Black Chai Tea

Biodynamically-grown Assam tea leaves serve as the base of this Bold Black Chai Tea, which is infused with a blend of rich warming spices: cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and clove. The flavor profile is bold, malty and spicy.

New Bold Black Chai Tea was inspired by traditional masala chai, meaning “spiced tea” in Hindi. Serve with milk and sweetener for a creamy, satisfying cup that will energize you in the morning and revive you in the afternoon.

Elephant Friendly™ Chai Teas Stackable Tin

Delight in the spicy flavor of chai with three new premium teas. The Chai Stackable Tin includes full-bodied Bold Black Chai Tea, which features tea leaves harvested from Certified Elephant Friendly tea gardens in Northern India.

This stackable trio also features Bold Green Chai Tea, made from a blend of Certified Elephant Friendly, Biodynamic® green tea, organic cardamom, clove, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper. With a lower caffeine content than Bold Black Chai Tea, it is a wonderful pick-me-up any time of the day. 

The third tea is a new caffeine-free herbal blend: Mushroom Cacao Chai Tea, which has an earthy and chocolatey flavor profile. This tea contains adaptogenic reishi mushrooms, raw cacao and a blend of spices to keep you grounded and centered. 

About Certified Elephant Friendly™ Tea Gardens

Asian elephants play an important ecological role, yet widespread habit loss across the continent has caused them to become an endangered species. Wild elephants continue to travel along ancient migration routes, in spite of the fact that much of this land has been converted into human settlements and farmland, including tea plantations.

Farms may use pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers which can contaminate the water that migrating elephants drink. Many of these substances are highly toxic and even fatal to the elephants. Electric fencing, drainage ditches, razor wire and other deterrent fencing have all been known to cause injury and death to wild elephants.

Certified Elephant Friendly™ Tea is sourced from tea gardens that are committed to protecting Asian elephants from these hazards and reducing barriers to elephant movement between natural habitat areas. Tea growers allow elephants to travel safely across their land without being harmed by contaminated water, fences, ditches, power lines or human conflict. 

The Republic of Tea is proud to support the coexistence of tea agriculture and wildlife, and to protect these majestic animals by offering these premium Certified Elephant Friendly™ chai teas to our Citizens. 

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