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New & Notable Tea Innovations

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August 22, 2022

Since our founding in 1992, The Republic of Tea has scoured the globe for the finest tea leaves and herbs in existence, bringing exotic flavors and innovative infusions to our Citizens’ cups. For more than thirty years, we have continued this mission of enriching people’s lives through the experience of greattasting premium teas and herbs.

In March 2022, The Republic of Tea was delighted to return to the Natural Products Expo West trade show to spotlight over a dozen of our new and notable tea innovations. These celebrated products include blends featuring premium and functional ingredients like organic jasmine, wildcrafted white sage, chamomile blossoms and lion’s mane, as well as exciting collaborations with Calm and Star Wars™ The Mandalorian™.

Discover the new teas and other innovative products highlighted at the 2022 Natural Products Expo West show:

2022 Editor’s Choice NEXTY Award Winner

Certified ElephantFriendly Chai Stackable Tin

At this year’s event, The Republic of Tea celebrated the esteemed distinction of receiving a NEXTY Editors’ Choice Award for “Household MustHave” for our Chai Stackable Tin. This collection of delicious chai blends uses organic tea leaves harvested from Certified Elephant Friendly tea gardens that are committed to protecting Asian elephants and their habitats.


Premium Jasmine Teas

Organic Jasmine Green Tea

Young, hand-plucked green tea shoots are harvested in the spring in south China tea gardens, then married with fresh jasmine buds. After the tea leaves gently absorb the floral scent, the jasmine is removed, resulting in this delicate and perfectly balanced infusion, dubbed the Tea for Purity.

Jasmine Pearls FullLeaf Tea

This special Tea of Integrity was created in honor of The Republic of Tea’s 30th anniversary. Harvested in early spring in China’s Fujian province, the choicest, tippy leaf and bud sets are hand rolled into tight ‘pearls’ and dried before they are scented multiple times with fresh jasmine blossoms. This painstaking process depends on perfect timing. The result is a clean, floral tea that yields distinct flavor.

Healthful Innovations

Calm Teas

The Republic of Tea recently introduced a new collection with Calm, the leading mental wellness brand, encompassing three new teas: Focus, Relax and Rest. Each blend is specifically formulated with unique combinations of soothing teas and herbs like rooibos, dandelion, chamomile and lion’s mane, to inspire Citizens to sip and savor as a part of their daily wellness and selfcare practices. Every purchase of these greattasting teas comes with a complimentary 30day trial to the Calm app to enhance the sipping experience with mental wellbeing. Uniquely, each Calm Tea also features a thoughtful, custom meditation on its artful label that complements its function to support focus, relaxation or rest, respectively.

Immunity Single Sips®

Immunity Nectarine Honey Orangeadeand Immunity Elderberry Punch are the two newest blends in the innovative Single Sips collection, a line of premium, organic teas and herbs that are premeasured in individual, singleserving packets. The inventive flavors are packed with superfoods for wellness, containing premium ingredients with antioxidants and a full day’s supply of Vitamin C. Citizens can savor the new Single Sips by blending the contents into a water bottle for the perfect immuneboosting pickmeup any time of day. The Single Sips are packaged in Forest Stewardship Council certified paperboard boxes.

Uplifting Flavors

Desert Sage

Aromatic herbs such as wildcrafted white sage reveal their beneficial essence when crushed, burned or steeped. Balanced with cool spearmint and rooibos, this subtly sweet caffeinefree infused blend transports Citizens to the arid desert plains on even the coldest of days.

Apple Pie Chai

Homemade apple pie, a symbol of abundance and national pride, is a staple of holidays throughout the year. The essence of baked apples is complemented with inviting spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and clove for an herbal chai tea worthy of celebration yearround.

Thinking of You Tea

The newest addition to The Republic of Tea’s giftable blends, Thinking of You Tea delivers a big hug through a cozy cuppa. The herbal blend has chamomile blossoms to soothe and mint leaves to uplift. This soul-warming tea brings peace and comfort, paired with delightful floral tin art – making it the perfect pick-me-up.

New Cuppa Cake®Teas

Two new flavors have been added to our dessert-inspired Cuppa Cake® tea collection, including Strawberry Shortcake Cuppa Cake Tea, a blend of natural summer-sweet strawberry, white cake and vanilla with healthful red rooibos; and Carrot Cake Cuppa Cake Tea, a satisfying combination of sweet carrots and walnuts with warming cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. These decadent calorie-free blends are sure to please any sweet tooth.

Star Wars™ Teas

The MandalorianTea Collection This exclusive line of six premium teas is inspired by the Emmy Awardwinning series, The Mandalorian. The limitededition specialty blends, a collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm, are inspired by lead characters in the show. They include:

The Book of Boba Fett Teas The brand new The Book of Boba Fett Teas feature two limitededition specialty tea blends in collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm. The collection is inspired by The Book of Boba Fett, an Original Series from Lucasfilm streaming only on Disney+ and includes Legendary Green Chai Tea and Elite Black Tea. The Book of Boba Fett is an original Lucasfilm series that was teased in a surprise endcredit sequence following the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian.


Tea Capsules

Tea Capsules

The new UMatcha Green Tea Capsules and Chai Latte Capsules each feature 10 convenient, recyclable capsules, compatible with Original Nespresso® machines. The UMatcha Green Tea Capsules delight with premium, organic ceremonialstyle Japanese matcha, while the Chai Latte Capsules contain lightly sweetened premium black tea with warm chai spices and oat milk for a frothy baristastyle beverage in seconds.

The Republic of Tea is delighted to share these premium tea innovations with our Citizens, continuing a thirtyyearlong tradition of enriching lives through tea.