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The Child – Curious Quarry, Perfect Inspiration

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December 21, 2020


The Mandalorian

The breakout star of Star Wars: The Mandalorian is surprisingly not the titular character, but rather his diminutive companion. As season 2 progresses, we are beginning to learn more about the origins and background of this intrepid little being beyond that it looks like a younger version of Yoda and had quite the bounty tied to its capture.

As the series follows the exploits of his compatriots, we get a glimpse of what the Child’s kind are capable of and what made him the perfect inspiration for The Child Green Tea. So, what do we know about him?

He is as Curious as a Toddler

When Mando and the Child are proclaimed a “clan of two” by the Armorer, he swears an oath to protect the Child — which he’s finding may prove more difficult in some ways than being a bounty hunter ever was. The Child tests Mando with his constant evasion, the plethora of beings searching for revenge and the full efforts of Moff Gideon to capture him at all costs.

From constantly touching the shiny parts of Mando’s ship, the Razor Crest, to finding his way out of his sleeping quarters, the Child may remind parents of their own little ones. On numerous occasions, Mando is surprised by the Child’s ability to find himself away from the safety of his pram – often to comedic result.

He is Force-Sensitive

By the end of the second episode, it was made clear why his capture fetched such a high price. He is strong in the Force – which was best put on display when Mando was nearly killed by a mudhorn. The Child used his telekinetic skill to lift the attacking beast into the air. This tactic opened a window of opportunity for Mando to dispatch the beast while the Child passed out from exertion. This power alone shows a great connection to the Force, but his power does not begin and end with telekinesis.

When Greef Karga is injured by a poisonous pterodactyl-like monster in the deserts of Nevarro, the Child uses the Force to remove the poison and heal his wounds. Without this intervention, Karga would most certainly have perished, but thanks to the Child he was able to help orchestrate Mando’s escape to (relative) safety.

With each revelation of his connection to these great powers, it becomes clearer and clearer why the Client was willing to pay such a bounty for the Child’s capture. His calm energy and clear mind juxtaposed with his youth is fascinating, humorous and oddly intimidating. We are excited to see what more we learn about his capabilities, and how he helps – and frustrates – Mando’s journey as the second season continues to unfold.

He has a Voracious Appetite

Like most younglings, the Child tends to put nearly everything in his mouth. On the many occasions during his travels where he gets hungry, what you or I would consider food fit for a toddler is not always what he desires.

Mando always ensures the Child is fed, however, between meals at cantinas he shows a particular appetite for live frogs, insects and anything with tentacles. The second episode of the new season explores this hunger on a new level, and we can definitively say we would find the bone broth he enjoyed on Sorgan with Mando, and Cara Dune far more appetizing.

We are glad we opted for green tea, natural honey flavor, linden blossoms, eluthero and Panax ginseng in the tea that bears his name.

His Name is…Grogu

Of all the exciting moments in Chapter 13: The Jedi, none was more unexpected than learning the Child’s name! While we were still reeling from the introduction of Ahsoka Tano and her incredible connection to the Force, a quiet moment afforded she and the Child the chance to also connect telepathically – a moment that shed much more light on his past.

While it will take us a bit of getting used to, knowing him as Grogu opens myriad questions about where he was hidden after leaving Coruscant, as well as what the gaps in his own memory are obscuring. This latest development makes us even more excited to see what the final episodes of season two have in store.

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