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Cool Down With Frozen Tea Treats

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July 3, 2019

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On a scorching hot summer day, there are few refreshments more inviting than a frosty glass of your favorite iced tea…except perhaps a frozen treat infused with tea!

Tea is an incredibly versatile ingredient that has been used in recipes for hundreds of years, from marinades and sauces to cookies and scones. But did you know tea can also be used to whip up cooling summertime treats like ice creams, sorbets, popsicles and smoothies?

Tea Ice Cream

Tea-infused ice cream is one of the biggest dessert trends of the summer, especially when it comes to trending flavors like matcha green tea and Earl Grey tea.

Preparing tea ice cream is surprisingly easy, especially if you have access to an ice cream machine. If not, you can use a stovetop and hand mixer to blend heavy cream, sugar, your tea of choice, and other mix-ins into a delightful tea-infused treat.

You can also prepare a dairy-free “nice cream” using frozen bananas. Simply blend your favorite Single Sips packet with frozen bananas and honey or agave nectar (optional) to create this creamy, guilt-free indulgence.

Tea Sorbet

Did you know that sorbets are among the simplest frozen treats to prepare? Unlike ice cream, sorbets do not contain any dairy. Flavored juice (or tea) and sugar is all that is required.

For instance, our Daily Beauty Sorbet recipe calls for just four ingredients: Daily Beauty tea bags, fresh blueberries, sugar and water. It is as simple as that!

This Sonoma Rosé Sorbet recipe features the sophisticated flavor of Sonoma Rosé Iced Tea. The marriage of fine wine grape skins from Sonoma County, ripe strawberries and a touch of added sweetness make this frozen treat the perfect addition to any summer soirée.

Tea Popsicles 

From pool parties to backyard barbecues, popsicles are a summertime staple. Tea popsicles are incredibly quick and easy to prepare, and can be made using just about any flavored tea you can think of—even teas that are already in your own pantry.

Fruit teas (like berry and citrus) work especially well due to their strong flavor. If you want to try something a bit more unique and creative, opt for floral, ginger or spiced teas.

Basic sweeteners like honey, stevia, agave nectar, and simple syrup can deliver a touch of sweetness to your tea popsicles. Adding fresh fruit juices or pureed fruit will give your tea popsicles a sorbet-like texture, while a splash of milk will provide a creamy consistency.

For a beautiful appearance and even stronger flavor profile, add fresh fruit slices to your tea  popsicles. We used sliced peaches in these Ginger Peach Iced Tea Popsicles, but berries, pineapple, mango and bananas will work as well.

Below is a simple tea pop recipe that you can follow using any of your favorite tea varietals from The Republic of Tea:


  • 5-6 cups of your favorite tea
  • Milk, milk alternative, natural sweetener, or fruit juice according to taste


  • Steep 5-6 cups of desired premium tea with any additions (milk, milk alternative, natural sweetener, fruit juice, etc.)
  • Pour cooled tea into Popsicle trays
  • Place in freezer until frozen solid

Tea Smoothies

Smoothies are an excellent way to nourish and hydrate your body while treating your taste buds. Tea-based smoothies can be sipped first thing in the morning, after the gym, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or before bed as a guilt-free dessert (just be sure to select an herbal tea or decaf tea).

Preparing a tea smoothie is as simple as adding your favorite steeped tea or Single Sips packet to a blender, along with yogurt, frozen fruit and/or ice cubes, and milk or water. Blend, pour, sip and enjoy!

Several of our favorite tea-based smoothies include:


Which frozen tea treats are you most excited to prepare this summer? Be sure to share your favorite cooling creations with us on social media! #SipbySip @republicoftea