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10 Ways to Use Matcha Green Tea Powder in Recipes

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March 10, 2023



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Matcha green tea powder is flavorful, nourishing and antioxidantrich. No wonder matcha lattes have become a staple in cafes, tea houses and kitchens around the world! 

People love matcha for its vibrant green color, unique taste and myriad of wellness benefits. While matcha lattes may be the most traditional way to use matcha green tea powder, there are endless possibilities for using this versatile superfood. 

Discover ten delicious and unique matcha green tea recipes, from classic matcha beverages to matcha baked goods, ice cream and even savory matcha tea recipes.

1. Matcha Latte

Sometimes the classics truly are classics for a reason. The traditional matcha green tea latte recipe is simple: premium matcha powder, steamed milk and sweetener. The result? A vibrant green, energizing beverage that is creamy, smooth and sweet, with a beautiful grassy flavor. Our matcha latte recipe linked below is ready in mere minutes. 

View the Recipe: Easy Matcha Latte

2. Iced Matcha Latte

When it comes to matcha drink recipes, iced matcha lattes have become nearly as popular as the original hot matcha latte. Iced matcha lattes are smooth, creamy and refreshing especially when you dress them up with additional ingredients. The iced fruity matcha tea recipe linked below features pureed ripe fruit at the bottom of the glass, making it the ultimate summer refresher.

View the Recipe: Iced Fruity Matcha Latte

3. Matcha Smoothie 

Adding matcha green tea powder into your favorite smoothie recipes could not be simpler just scoop a spoonful into the blender, and prepare as normal. If you need a bit of matcha smoothie recipe inspiration to get you started, our favorite matcha green tea smoothie blends tropical coconut, ripe banana, creamy Greek yogurt and premium matcha powder.

View the Recipe: Matcha Coconut Smoothie Recipe

4. Matcha Oatmeal

Matcha provides a natural energizing boost, so it is the perfect healthful way to start your day. Rather than sipping your matcha, try stirring it into your morning bowl of oatmeal. You can also make breakfast even easier by preparing overnight oats, leaving the jar to sit in the refrigerator overnight. Top with fresh fruit, nuts, honey, coconut flakes and other toppings.

View the Recipe: Matcha Overnight Oats

5. Matcha Ice Cream

Matcha ice cream is the ultimate treat on a hot summer day. Enjoy this simple matcha green tea ice cream recipe any time the craving strikes no ice cream machine required. All you need is vanilla ice cream and premium matcha powder. Following this matcha ice cream recipe is incredibly quick and easy: simply combine, blend and enjoy right away for a softserve consistency, or freeze for a firmer consistency. 

View the Recipe: Matcha Ice Cream

6. Matcha Cookies

Matcha lends itself well to all kinds of baked goods, imparting a beautiful earthy green color and distinctive flavor. This matcha cookie recipe is sure to become a fast favorite in your household, yielding a batch of crisp, rich and buttery cookies.

View the Recipe: UMatcha Butter Cookies

7. Matcha Cheesecake Bites

These matcha cheesecake bakes are smooth, creamy, fluffy and rich. What more could you want in a matcha cake recipe? These bitesized treats are perfect for serving up at parties and gatherings (or simply for satisfying a sudden craving).

View the Recipe: Matcha Cheesecake Bites

8. Matcha Frosting

Sweet and creamy matcha frosting is just the thing for adding a pop of bold color and delicious flavor to any baked good. Pipe it onto cakes and cupcakes, or slather it on top of cookies or matcha brownies. A sprinkle of loose matcha powder will accentuate the vivid green color of this tasty frosting.

View the Recipe: Matcha Frosting

9. Matcha Vegetable Stock

Thought matcha green tea powder recipes were only for dessert? This savory matcha vegetable stock will have you second guessing that idea. While matcha lattes are generally sweetened, matcha powder itself is not sweet it actually has a mellow vegetal flavor with a touch of bitterness and nutty notes. This matcha vegetable stock recipe has great umami flavor and can be used in your favorite soup recipes.

View the Recipe: U•Matcha Vegetable Stock Recipe

10. Matcha Dry Rub

Looking for a unique dry rub for grilled meats, poultry and seafood? Give this bold matcha rub recipe a try. The grassy, vegetal flavor of the matcha beautifully balances spicy chipotle chili powder, ginger, dry mustard, freshly cracked black pepper and sea salt. This rub works with all grillables, from pork and steak to salmon.

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