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The 2019 Specialty Food Association’s sofi™ Gold Winner: Full-Leaf Milk Oolong Tea

The Republic of Tea is honored to announce that our Full-Leaf Milk Oolong Tea is The Specialty Food Association’s 2019 Sofi Gold Award winner for the Tea category. This premium hand-processed Oolong tea is grown high in China’s Fujian mountains. It is famous for its smooth, milky taste and silky texture. The tightly-rolled leaves have… Continue Reading

Romantic Infusions for Valentine’s Day

Every Valentine’s Day, couples around the globe reaffirm their love by showering their sweethearts with adoring words, chocolates, candy, and flowers. This year, we invite tea lovers to steep their Valentine’s Day celebrations in romance with our recommended selection of tantalizing teas.  Each of the ingredients listed below has a long and storied history that… Continue Reading

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