American Peppermint: Made in the USA

Nestled at the base of Mount Adams in Washington State sits a lush, fertile valley known for its temperate climate and rich soils. In 1973, a man named Lon Johnson founded an herb farm in this region with a vision of growing high-quality organic herbs using earth-friendly, sustainable farming methods. And with that, Trout Lake Farm was born.

Through hard work, commitment, faith, and the pure blessings of Mother Nature, Trout Lake Farm has developed a reputation for producing some of the finest culinary and medicinal botanicals in the region. Eventually, the farm was able to expand its acreage and open its second location – Trout Lake Farm East – in the Columbia River Basin in Ephrata, WA.

Today, The Republic of Tea is proud to source premium peppermint leaves from Trout Lake Farm for use in our Organic Peppermint SuperHerb® Tea. We are pleased to offer this premium product while supporting a farm based right here in the USA.

Peppermint in the Pacific Northwest

In the heart of the majestic Columbia River Basin, you will find wide open spaces and vast blue skies. You can also witness large scale organic herb farming at its finest. The long growing season, arid conditions, and sandy loam soil are ideal for growing a wide variety of botanicals, including licorice root, nettle, ginkgo, spearmint…and of course, peppermint!

The Pacific Northwest is regarded as one of the most premier peppermint growing regions around the globe. In fact, this region accounts for roughly 76% of the total U.S. production of mint. Washington alone accounts for 40% of total U.S. production, creating more than 1,100 full-time jobs in the state and approximately $46.7 million in wages.

Trout Lake Farm

Located in Grant County, in the heart of the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project, Trout Lake Farm East employs more than 90 workers to cultivate their 630 acres of farmland. Each year, they produce and ship roughly 1.9 million pounds of high-quality, 100% certified organic herbs.

Sustainability, innovation, wellness, and quality are among the pillars of Trout Lake Farm’s operations. Growing botanicals in a chemical-free environment using pristine waters, fresh air, and sustainable, fully organic agricultural practices ensures that these core beliefs are upheld.

Trout Lake Farm utilizes the Eight Principles of the Nutrilite Sustainable Farming System. This includes practices such as considering the farm as a whole living organism, traceability of every action, preservation of natural habits, and sustaining the diversity of native plant and animal species. This system ensures that the local environment and all biological interactions are respected, enhanced, and sustained.

Additionally, soil and water on the farm are periodically tested to ensure compliance with standards set by the USDA National Organic Program. Pest control methods and growing practices are strictly within the guidelines of the program. Handling and processing of the botanicals involves adherence to an equally rigorous and specific set of protocol.

Above all, Trout Lake Farm aims to offer the highest quality product through innovative processes, while staying true to their roots and founding principles.

Organic Peppermint SuperHerb® Tea

At The Republic of Tea, we are proud to partner with domestic businesses and operations like Trout Lake Farm, by featuring their ingredients in our selection of teas.

Clean, refreshing, and naturally caffeine-free, our Organic Peppermint Tea contains premium peppermint grown by Trout Lake Farm. Experience the cool aromatics and fresh flavor of this pure unblended tea, and take pride in supporting an American grower.

Delightful hot or served on ice, so you’ll be sure to savor every sip!