Fresh and Pure. 2010 Darjeeling Now Available.

The world’s freshest, purest cup of tea – limited edition Darjeeling – is available. Considered the ultimate tea experience, this first flush 2010 Darjeeling, full-leaf loose, special reserve tea was plucked March 19, 2010 from the famed Thurbo Tea Garden in Northern India.

The Republic of Tea’s exceptional 2010 Darjeeling is pure, 100-percent, first flush Thurbo Tea Garden Darjeeling tea leaves. The leaves are delicate, yet flavorful, delivering a complex and invigorating brew with a clean, slightly flowery finish. It carries the official Darjeeling symbol guaranteeing certification by the Tea Board of India, guaranteeing its quality and authenticity.

It was personally inspected and hand-selected by the Minister of Gardens then expedited via airfreight so Citizens everywhere can immediately enjoy this limited quantity, rare tea. Thurbo Tea Garden is set amongst the rolling, verdant hills on the Nepalese and Darjeeling border near Mirik Lake, a place of tranquility and beauty. It is said The Republic of Tea’s 2010 Darjeeling was grown from the original China tea seed planted over 100 years ago.

In addition, The Republic of Tea’s signature 2010 Darjeeling tin features an original abstract leaf art label by painter, illustrator and clothing designer Zio Ziegler of Mill Valley, California. The 2010 Darjeeling label is number seven in The Republic of Tea’s Tea Gallery Collection of artist renderings commissioned each year to commemorate the year’s first Darjeeling harvest.

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