How to Host a Tea Party Bridal Shower

Hosting a bridal shower is a time-honored wedding tradition and a wonderful way of celebrating the bride-to-be. Bridal showers tend to be sophisticated and elegant affairs, but you can certainly get creative when it comes to selecting the theme, decor and color scheme.

For an event that is whimsical, feminine and polished yet playful, we can think of no better theme than a tea party bridal shower!

Tea Party Bridal Shower Decor

When it comes to planning the perfect tea party bridal shower, choosing the right decor is incredibly important. After all, this is the best way to showcase the event theme and set the mood for the entire day.

If the weather is nice, a garden, backyard or outdoor patio would make for the ideal venue. If not, you can bring the garden atmosphere into your indoor space with an abundance of freshly plucked blooms, soft pastel hues and watercolor details.

Floral or lace-embellished tablecloths will help enhance the feminine, springtime atmosphere. Dainty details like bunting, birdcages, parasols and draped strings of pearls can be used to decorate buffet stations, dining tables and side tables.

As for centerpieces, antique teapots or teacups filled to the brim with colorful flowers will add a touch of whimsy and fun. Old and used tea tins can also be used for displaying floral arrangements to create a vintage feel.

Tea Party Bridal Shower Menu

Bridal showers (and especially tea parties) do not call for heavy plated meals. Plan to serve light, delicate finger foods like tea sandwiches, scones, fresh fruit and deviled eggs. Buffet-style tends to work best for these types of occasions.

As for something sweet, we recommend displaying tiered trays of bite-sized desserts like tea cakes, fruit tarts, petit fours, macarons and mini cupcakes. Tea-themed treats like earl grey cookies are always a big hit.

Of course, you can’t host a tea party bridal shower without tea! Serve assorted pots of hot or iced tea, and be sure to keep refreshing and refilling them throughout the event.

Alternatively, create a brew-your-own tea station with assorted tea bags and pots of hot water. Stock your tea serving stations with plenty of lemon wedges, milk and sugar cubes.

In either case, we recommend including a diverse selection of teas such as black tea, green tea and herbal tea, as guests may have different taste preferences and caffeine tolerances. Floral varietals — like rose tea and hibiscus tea — are especially appropriate for a garden tea party.

Tea Party Bridal Shower Favors

It is considered proper etiquette to provide favors for your guests to take home. Even a small token of appreciation will be well-received.

For an elegant affordable favor, fill small metal tins, glass jars or bags with your favorite varietal of full-leaf loose tea. Twine, stamps, stickers or ribbons will dress up the packaging. Consider using the same tea being served at the bridal shower; guests will reminisce on the event every time they sip!

If you have a smaller guest list (or a larger budget), consider potting little plants or succulents in assorted teacups, or making teacup candles. These thoughtful tea party favors will be cherished long after the event has ended.

Ultimately, the key to hosting a successful bridal shower tea party is staying true to the theme in terms of decor, refreshments and favors. With all of these boxes checked, your bridal shower tea party is sure to delight both the bride and her guests.


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